Sunday, 17 June 2018

SWAT for SWTC Exchange Completed!

SWAT for SWTC Exchange Completed!

The exchange process of SWAT for SWTC has been completed. You can check your WAVES Wallet balance now! SWAT Trading is live now!

Due to lack of good response for our ICO we have decided to close it early! Some portion of the additional SWAT that was created for the ICO will be retained for promoting our Pocket Miner with some modified offers and some for bounties and bonuses. The rest will be burnt. Those who received their bounties in SWTC recently can send it to my Waves Wallet Address 3PPAHJbrJGmhu5CU2xUMgoRrKce1pSbhNrR to be exchanged for SWAT.

We will take the project forward as per our earlier schedule. Approximate circulation of SWAT now is just less than 152 million. So the positive take away from the ICO is that we have 120 million lesser SWAT in circulation now! That is surely good news! As always the advice to investors is to hold for long term and not to sell your SWAT too low. Happy Trading!  

Cheers Every One!

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